The Regent Receives PPE Assistance from PT. Sorikmas Mining


PT Sorikmas Mining distributed Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) assistance to the Mandailing Natal Regency Government which was received directly by the Regent of Madina, Drs H Dahlan Hasan Nasution at the office of the Regent of Madina, Friday (03/07/2020) afternoon.

In addition to the Regent of Madina, Drs H Dahlan Hasan Nasution, who also serves as the head of the Covid-19 Task Force, the distribution of PPE by PT SM was also witnessed by the Deputy Chair of the Madina DPRD, Erwin Nasution and the Head of the Public Relations and Protocol Section, Wildan Nasution.

After receiving PPE assistance from the Regent of Madina, Drs H Dahlan Hasan Nasution expressed his gratitude for the PPE assistance provided by PT SM as a form of the company’s concern for the people of Madina.

“I am very grateful and appreciate PT SM for this second time assistance. Where for the first in the form of basic necessities and the second time in the form of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE),” he said

Dahlan explained that the PPE assistance provided by PT SM will immediately be given to the Covid-19 Task Force team, then it will also be distributed to people in need, especially officers in the field, health posts, fellow journalists and hospital staff.

“Hopefully this assistance will bring blessings not only for Madina Regency but also for the PT SM company itself,” he said.

The Regent also appealed to the people of Madina to always maintain the health protocols recommended by the government by maintaining cleanliness, washing hands frequently and wearing masks when leaving the house.

“This is useful for ourselves, 102 city districts with the same condition as us will be given special treatment, this is what we hope for so that the economy and education will return,” he explained.

Then the Regent also advised reporters who were doing coverage to maintain health protocols by wearing masks because health is a very priority thing.

“I also hope for journalists to keep themselves in reporting because health is the most important thing,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, PT Sorikmas Mining Manager Ade Hendi through Public Relations Hendra Rangkuti said that until now PT SM has taken part in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

The PPE assistance that we distribute to the Madina Regency Government includes 7000 Pcs Masks, 1000 Disposable Gloves, 1 Thermometer, 1000 Pcs Isolation Gown.

“Hopefully the PPE provided by PT SM can be useful in helping the Madina regency government in this case the Covid-19 Task Force, so that it can prevent the spread of the deadly virus,” he asked.

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