PPM Strategic Program of PT. Sorikmas Mining

Program Focus Area








  • Increasing farmers’ income through increasing agricultural productivity, as well as to support community food security.
  • Increasing long-term crop productivity, cocoa as the village’s leading commodity, from production to marketing aspects through the development of Village Nursery Gardens (KBD) and joint marketing with the Yang Foundation in Siabu and Naga Juang and/or BUMDES.
  • Using of non-timber forest products, especially honey.
  • Institutional strengthening of existing farmer groups in supporting the development of integrated farming in a sustainable manner.
  • Capacity building of farmers in the agricultural chain from production to marketing.
  • Supporting government programs to increase fish farming yields.
  • Supporting for access to capital for farmers in collaboration with financial institutions and BUMDES through a Foundation formed by the Village in the area around the mine.

Infrastructure/ Supporting of Economic and Health

  • Improvement of farm road infrastructure to facilitate the transportation of people and goods (agricultural products).
  • Support development/improvement of infrastructure for health and sanitation (WASH-Water Access Sanitation Hygiene), such as clean water facilities and environmental sanitation (healthy latrines, waterways, waste management, etc.)
  • Increasing the School Enrollment Rate (APS) and Net Enrollment Rate (APM) through the support of a scholarship program in collaboration with the school
  • Providing assistance for educational operational costs.
Environmental Health and Sanitation
  • Supporting for the implementation of clean and healthy living behavior with a focus on community-based waste management programs
  • Supporting for improving nutrition and maternal & child health through supplementary feeding (PMT) in collaboration with posyandu/puskesmas (Community Health Centers).
  • Supporting for capacity building of village and community health cadres in the development of STBM-based PHBS.
  • Free medical support for the prevention and treatment of diseases suffered by the community in collaboration with the Puskesmas/Pustu (Community Health Centers).
  • Supporting the availability of clean water and sanitation (Water Access Sanitation and Hygiene-WASH) facilities for the community


Community Institutions Supporting the Economic Independence
  • Encouraging foundations located in areas surrounding the mine to form cooperatives and/or cooperate with BUMDES for long-term self-reliance of plant farming businesses and sustainable use of non-timber forests.

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