PT Sorikmas Mining Holds Blood Donor Social Service


With the theme “Let’s Give Alms With Blood Donation” PT Sorikmas Mining in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Mandailing Regency held a humanitarian social service event for Blood Donation, Wednesday (03/03/2021) at the office of PT SM Pasar Baru Malintang, Bukit Malintang District, Kabupaten Christmas Mandailing.

In the blood donation event, the company which is engaged in gold mining managed to collect 38 bags of blood, whereas previously only 28 bags of blood were targeted from employees for this initial stage.

Employees who have finished donating blood are given vitamins to drink once a day. Then 1 boiled egg, bear brand milk drink and 1 pack of mung bean porridge for recovery of immune condition.

The Head of the PMI Madina Blood Donation Division, Dr. Indah Priyanti representing the PMI Madina Chair, appreciated the blood donation. He sees that the employees of PT Sorikmas Mining are very enthusiastic about participating in this social service, even the donors exceed the target

“This is extraordinary, we need to appreciate it. Previously there were 28 people registered, but today’s activities are more. Alhamdulillah, all 38 people are in good health,” he said.

External Manager of PT Sorikmas Mining, Ade Hendi, who was accompanied by Hendra Rangkuti as Media Relations of PT.SM, said that the blood donation was only the first stage and we really appreciate the implementation.

“This social service event is a form of the Company’s concern for the people of Madina who need additional blood,” he said

Still said Ade, This is still the first stage, hopefully we can do positive activities like this regularly in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Mandailing Natal Regency, PT. Sorikmas Mining will always support social service activities like this.

“We will routinely carry out this social service activity, and we will reschedule it for the next stage. Hopefully this way, it will bring blessings to PT SM, employees and the Madina community”.

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