PT. Sorikmas Mining Hands Over Food Packages for Communities Affected by Covid 19


Some of the Mandailing Natal people affected by the Corona Virus (Covid-19) will soon receive food packages from the government and companies that care about the people who are really affected by this Pandemic, one of which is PT. Sorikmas Mining, a Gold Mining company. This is a donation of 500 food packages.

The assistance was immediately handed over by representatives of PT SM, Gunawan Saptono Nursyam, Sofyan Anshori Lubis and Hendra Rangkuti symbolically to the Regent of Mandailing Natal, Drs. Dahlan Hasan Nasution, Monday (13/04).

The handover was also witnessed by the Chairperson of the Madina DPRD, Erwin Efendi Lubis, Deputy Chairperson of the DPRD, Harminsyah Batubara, and Erwin Efendi Nasution.

External Relations Manager of PT. Sorikmas Mining, Ade Hendi through Media Relations Hendra Rangkuti, said that the basic food assistance for people affected by the Corona virus was 500 packages.

“We will distribute 300 packages through the Regional Government, while another 200 packages will be distributed through several youth organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Madina,” he said.

Hendra said that the basic food assistance from Sorikmas Mining was a form of the company’s concern for residents affected by COVID-19. The types of assistance provided were in the form of rice, cooking oil, sugar and tea powder.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Madina, Drs Dahlan Hasan Nasution, after receiving the food package assistance, expressed his gratitude to PT SM for being concerned and sensitive to the difficulties of the community.

“I would like to thank PT SM for caring about the community. Because we both know that PT SM currently does not have any activities, but we need to appreciate its concern for the community,” said the Regent.

Dahlan said that the assistance from Sorikmas Mining would later be distributed to people who had the right to receive it. “Hopefully, with this assistance, we can ease the burden on our community,” Dahlan hoped.

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