About Us: PT Sorikmas Mining


PT Sorikmas Mining (“PT SM”) is a PMA company with shareholders Aberfoyle of Pungkut Investments Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) (75%) and PT Aneka Tambang (25%). PT Sorikmas Mining, which is engaged in the business of mining gold and other minerals, is the holder of a Generation VII Contract of Work dated February 19th, 1998 (“Kontrak Karya”) which was signed by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, which had previously been approved by the DPR-RI and the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

Kontrak Karya PT SM’s area is located in the Districts of Mandailing Natal (63,616 ha) and South Tapanuli (2,584 ha) of North Sumatra Province. The original area was 201,600 ha. However, after two reductions in the Kontrak Karya area, PT SM became 66,200 ha (32.83% of the original Kontrak Karya area) based on the Decree of the Director of General Mining Number 755.K/20.01/DJP/2000 dated December 19th, 2000. The reduction was carried out after the initial research survey was carried out, the results did not meet the standards set by PT. Sorikmas Mining.

PT SM is currently in the construction phase, according to the Decree of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Number. 490.K/30/DJB/2016 dated 16th November 2016. ANDAL approval with SK No. 570/Menlh-Setjen/2015 with Environmental Permit SK Number. 571/Menlh-Setjen/2015 was issued on 24th November 2015. This ANDAL approval is a requirement to obtain Feasibility Study approval. PT SM already has the approval of the Feasibility Study issued by the Directorate General of Mineral and Coal with SK Number. 496/30/DJB/2016. This ANDAL and Environmental Permit approval is also a requirement for the Production stage of the Borrow-to-Use Forest Area Permit (IPPKH) from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. The Production stage of IPPKH has been issued in accordance with the Decree of the Head of the Investment Coordinating Board Number. 17/I/IPPKH/PMA/2016 dated 19th September 2016.

The year 2021 is a very meaningful year for PT. Sorikmas Mining, a year with quite high dynamics in the community and it will determine the company’s future journey. However, we will all try to get through this period with full of optimism accompanied by our intention and sincerity in sharing benefits for the community.

The benefit-sharing program for the community around the mining area is entirely planned in the form of the Community Empowerment and Development Program (PPM) which is overseen by the External Relations Department of PT. Sorikmas Mining.

PT Sorikmas Mining is fully committed to be a mining company that promotes sustainable development and makes Community Empowerment and Development (PPM) as a key component for business sustainability.

PT. Sorikmas Mining operates in the Siabu and Naga Juang sub-districts, Mandailing Natal (Madina) District. Administratively, Madina Regency was a division of South Tapanuli Regency (Tapsel) in 1999.


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