Danyon Cup Tournament Sorikmas Mining FC Is Ready to be a Champion

1.Danyon Cup

The Sorikmas Mining FC team made sure to enter the last eight of the 2019 Danyon Cup I football tournament after knocking out the Sibaruang FC team with a final score of 2-1.

The prestigious match took place on the football field of the Infantry Battalion 123/RW company, Mangga Dua Company, Parbangun Village, Panyabungan District, Mandailing Natal Regency (Madina), Thursday (19/12).

Thus, Sorikmas Mining FC will face the Badai Selatan FC team towards the semi-finals. The two teams are scheduled to meet on December 21.

Syawaluddin, the coach of Sorikmas Mining fc, said the team he led was strengthened by various players from several sub-districts in Madina Regency. He ensured that Sorikmas Mining FC did not bring players from outside the region.

“We from the Sorikmas Mining FC team choose players from various sub-districts in Madina, meaning that we don’t use players from outside the region and are ready to become champions,” said Syawal.

Meanwhile, when the External Manager of PT. Sorikmas Mining was contacted by cell phone, he said that this activity is one of the Company’s programs related to Community Empowerment and Development (PPM), Sorikmas Mining Fc in the future will educate and train local players, it aims as a forum for the talented Mandailing Natal youth to achieve achievements.

“Currently, we are following the district level first, who knows from here new national or international level of football players from the Mandailing Natal district will emerge,” he said.

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