Together with the locals

Sorikmas will work in North Sumatra for years to come.

We see positive and productive relationships with local communities as a very important part of our business success. As such we devote most of our energy and resources to helping local communities in any way we can and keeping everyone informed about our activities and plans.

We have several farming programs in progress including plant nurseries, fish hatcheries.

We helped in the past, and will continue to help our neighbors with road repairs, mosque repairs, building community infrastructure and donations to educational and social programs.


Additionally it is our policy to source all of our logistics locally whenever possible. Currently we buy hundreds of kilos of fish, meat, rice and vegetables from local entrepreneurs every month. This injects billions of rupiah into the local economy every year and this number will grow significantly when our operations start.

We are dedicated to working with communities to understand the risks and benefits mining can bring to the region, including education and employment. Mining is not destructive or harmful to the area around the mine. Sorikmas will use world-class mining technology to minimize direct environmental impacts in the area around the mine. The forest and surrounding waterways will not be affected.