Human Resources

PT Sorikmas Mining
PT Sorikmas Mining Provides Job Opportunities to Hundreds Of Employees

The operation of PT Sorikmas Mining’s mining activities will provide significant economic benefits nationally, regionally and regionally in the form of taxes and other economic activities as a multiplier effect of this mining activity. For the local community, the existence of this mining will also provide community empowerment and provide job opportunities, potential and career development as well as education.

PT Sorikmas Mining’s mining activities at the peak of its operations will require around 700 employees from various positions and organizational functions. This, of course, does not include the hundreds of other workers required by the contractors working with PT Sorikmas Mining in various activities according to the stages of mining operations such as drilling, construction and mining, as well as by companies that provide services and various company needs such as materials, food, office/work equipment, and various other necessities.


The above workforce consists of skilled personnel, technicians, administration, professionals and management who work in various organizational functions such as the Mining Department, Processing Department, HSE Department (Health, Safety and Enviro), Commercial Department (including Human Resources and IT therein), Department of Public Relations and Department of Public Administration).

This PT Sorikmas Mining will need various manpower with various educational backgrounds and qualifications with various experiences.

In general, PT Sorikmas Mining is committed to providing the greatest opportunity to local workers who meet the job requirements or who meet the criteria to be trained to be competent workers for various positions required. However, opportunities for regional and national workers are also needed, especially for professional and management workers if they are not available locally.

PT Sorikmas Mining is also committed to complying with labor-related laws and regulations such as involving all employees in the national social security program (BPJS), provisions on leave rights, the right to receive wages, overtime pay, religious holiday allowances and other provisions and others.

Each stage of mining operations requires the number and type of workers. Currently PT Sorikmas Mining is in the pre-construction stage. Currently, there are almost 200 employees working at PT Sorikmas Mining, consisting of permanent employees (14%), non-permanent employees (66%) and daily employees (20%) whose various functions are currently required. Around 90% of the total employees of PT Sorikmas are local and the remaining 10% are from various regions in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Balikpapan, Bandung, Bengkulu, Medan etc.

Below are 2 graphs showing the distribution of employees by type of employment relationship and by department.

Warning! PT Sorikmas Mining does not charge any fees during the registration and career selection process.


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