Mining safety

PT Sorikmas Mining is committed to creating a safe and comfortable work environment for all employees and anyone who works, interacts, and is placed in the operational area of ​​PT Sorikmas Mining. We ensure that our slogans and targets in achieving occupational safety and health are implemented adequately in safe work culture.
Mining Safety Management is one of the top priorities. We always ensure the safety and health aspects of employees, contractors and the surrounding community, as well as everyone who works with us to achieve the target of zero accidents in all activities in all of our operational areas.


In implementing and improving the occupational safety and health management system in a sustainable manner, PT Sorikmas Mining adopts Occupational Safety and Health regulations issued by the Government of Indonesia, as well as national and international standards or guidelines.
We apply Good Mining Practice. We will adopt principles of good mining practice that provide us with a framework for achieving our target of zero accidents. Occupational safety and health aspects have always been an integral part that we consider when designing and planning as well as carrying out day-to-day operations. We also regularly provide intensive training related to this aspect. Occupational Safety and Health must be an important part of employee culture and work ethics.