Huta Bargot Exploration

The Hutabargot prospect is located about 6.5 km south of Sihayo-Sambung and is also located in the active zone of the Trans Sumatra Fault Zone (TSFZ). The Hutabargot project is included in the Sihayo gold belt zone which is estimated to have a length of more than ± 15 km and stretches and is directly affected by Trans Sumatra Fault Zone activity. There are several sub-prospects in the Hutabargot project area, including the Sihorbo, Panatapan, Sarahan and Dolok prospects which scout drilling exploration activities are currently undergoing in some of these sub-prospects.


The Hutabargot prospect consists of a series of rocks formed by volcanic activity in the past which are estimated to be Permian/younger with a series of young pluton rock intrusions. The Hutabargot project has a low-sulphidation quartz vein type of gold deposit. From the results of our exploration so far, it is predicted that Hutabargot has a large amount of gold and mineral economic resources for its followers.